G&H to Strengthen Position in Life Sciences Market with ITL Rebranding

31 May 2023 News

G&H to Strengthen Position in Life Sciences Market with ITL Rebranding

G&H, a global leader in photonics technology and the parent company of ITL, has announced the rebranding of ITL as part of its continuous efforts to integrate the medical device company into the organization. The decision to rebrand ITL reflects G&H’s commitment to growth and innovation in the life sciences market. G&H has been expanding its reach in this market, and the acquisition of ITL was a significant step towards this goal.

The rebranding effort will be rolled out across all of ITL’s marketing and communication materials, including its website, social media channels, and collateral. Both the visual identity and the written reference to the brand name will be updated. ITL will be referred to as G&H | ITL.

The launch of this rebrand will reflect the company’s shared values and strategy. This update will help G&H to better communicate its brand message to its customer and stakeholders, differentiate itself, and strengthen its position and reach in the market.

“This rebrand represents the next chapter in our company’s growth and evolution,” said Charlie Peppiatt, CEO of G&H. “The new look will help us build a stronger brand, better serve our customers, and drive the next phase of growth in the business.”

Nick Colyer, Managing Director with G&H | ITL, added, “The new brand identity reflects our shared vision for the future and is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team. We look forward to continuing to build on this strong foundation as a part of G&H.”

As part of the global integration process, G&H has already taken steps to streamline operations and leverage the strengths of both companies to better serve its customers. The updated brand is just one of the efforts that G&H is undertaking to maximize sales across their customer base and bring significant growth to the company.

About G&H | ITL

For over four decades, G&H | ITL has been an industry-leading outsource partner for true end-to-end design, development, and manufacturing of life-saving medical technology, diagnostic devices, and laboratory instruments. G&H | ITL’s comprehensive range of vertically integrated capabilities helps OEMs and startups design and manufacture optical devices quickly, reliably, and cost effectively. With headquarters in Kent, UK and FDA-compliant facilities in Virginia and China, G&H | ITL provides customers with global support for a variety of life sciences applications, including microscopy, medical imaging, and surgical lasers.

About G&H

G&H is a world leader in optical designing, testing and manufacturing. As experts in the technology of light, G&H works with customers to provide optical systems, assemblies, and components for demanding applications.

Headquartered in Ilminster Somerset, UK with operations in the USA and Europe, G&H is recognized for the breadth of their acousto-optic, electro-optic, crystal-optic, fibre optic, and precision optic products. G&H is recognised as the preferred source for OEMs in the life sciences, industrial, and aerospace and defence industries, with a history of quality and excellence that dates back seventy-five years.