Microfluidics and lab-on-a-chip technology

Microfluidics is the fast-growing technology behind many of today’s groundbreaking medical innovations. The technology facilitates the flow of liquids inside micrometre-size channels, enabling medical devices to be smaller and have more precise control.

Our expertise in the field

ITL has many years of experience in the design and development of microfluidic chips, cartridges and their associated instruments and we can develop and manufacture complex microfluidic chips for a number of applications.

Our expert team can also design on-instrument custom fluid pump mechanisms for moving and mixing chemicals within in vitro diagnostic devices.

With nearly 40 years of industry experience, our track record makes us the right partner to incorporate microfluidic devices into your instrument.

From lab-based instruments to handheld devices

To give you some background, we originally started off developing large, lab-based instruments with wet lines and bottled reagents like these:

Now, many of our projects are based on newer, smaller technologies including point-of-care devices and microfluidics chips:

Function Experience examples  
Sample Collection - By finger prick
- From a tube
- Various sample types, blood, urine etc.
- Sample loading methods
Pumping - Peristaltic
- Air pressure
- Syringe pumps
Reagent Storage - Wet and dry storage
- Blisters
- Tanks
Blister Pack - edit crop
Mixers - Active stirrers
- Passive flow patterns
Valves - One-way valves
- Active valves
- External actuators
Heaters - Hot blocks
- Peltiers for heating and cooling
- Air heating
Detectors - Optical
- Electrical
- Fluorescence
- Spectroscopic
- Sensors
Waste Containment - Pouches
- Vented tanks
Dispensing - Nozzles
- Microlitre droplets
- Steady stream (without spray)
- Clean shut-off
Microfluidic Nozzle
Labelling - Barcodes
- Product ID
- Patient ID


  • Portable point-of-care diagnostic devices
  • Laboratory diagnostic devices using dry instruments and single use disposables
  • Instruments with closed containment of samples and reactions to prevent contamination and carryover
  • Lab-on-a-chip devices
  • DNA-based tests including amplification and detection
  • Immunoassays using small sample volumes

Our Recent Microfluidics projects

Head over to our Vivacta case study to see how we developed and prototyped a Point-of-Care diagnostic device and microfluidic cartridge.

Speak to our experts

If you are interested in applying microfluidics technology to your medical device, please get in touch.

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