Optos is a market-leading retinal imaging firm which provides medical diagnostic devices to eyecare professionals.

The company was recently acquired by Nikon, a Japanese multinational specialising in optics and imaging products for £259m.

The Optos range of medical devices enables healthcare workers to diagnose, analyse and monitor ocular diseases with an ultra-widefield (UWF™) view in high resolution. As well as ocular diseases, Optos imaging devices are also used in the detection of high blood pressure and some cancers.

The Technology

The P200 was a revolution in disease diagnosis, providing the optician with a 200 degree image of almost 80% of the retina.

This supports the monitoring of ocular pathology that may first present in the periphery or below the retinal surface. Previously these diseases would not have been easily visible until they had progressed further into the field of vision of traditional technology.

Our Approach

As part of our commitment to manufacturing, ITL invested in building ten safety interlocked laser rooms in our UK facility. All of our staff underwent specialist laser training for the facility, which had to meet FDA standards as a large proportion of the P200’s manufactured were shipped to the US.

Because of the size and criticality of the Optos project, it was assigned a dedicated team including a QA engineer, buyer, project manager and supervisor.

As well as manufacturing, ITL supported Optos through numerous R&D projects; including optimising the optical laser alignment to provide higher quality images, developing laser power monitors and implementing a safety check PCB.

We also manufactured alignment toolkits that were provided with each unit sold and used in the field to facilitate the installation process.

Optos took full advantage of our ancillary aftersales service offering and we helped manage their whole supply chain, often travelling overseas for suppler audits and to solve issues with difficult-to-source components.

The Results

Optos used a strategy of dual sourcing and despite regularly changing their second source suppliers, ITL was retained as the manufacturer of the P200.

ITL has worked with Optos for over 16 years now and successfully delivered over 3,500 units- no mean feat for such a complex device. We now offer continued support for spare parts and toolkits.

The success of the relationship was aided by the support we had from Optos. They invested significantly in staff training for FDA compliance and maintained an excellence level of documentation control.

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