Welcoming Our New Marketing Coordinator to The Team

We’re excited introduce the newest member of our team, Becky Lipscombe, who will be heading up our marketing department.

Becky’s a talented and enthusiastic marketeer who has worked across a number of sectors. Her more recent role was in the automotive industry, looking after the sales and marketing for a leading automotive specialist in the independent aftermarket.

From automotive to medical technology

Side stepping from one manufacturing sector to another, Becky’s fascination with science led her to apply for a role at ITL. Keen to learn, Becky’s an information-sponge – avidly absorbing knowledge about our company and sector; from markets and processes used to key trends in our industry.

When asked about her first week at ITL, Becky said:

“It been absolutely brilliant! Everyone has been so welcoming; you really get the ‘family feel’ at ITL. I’m starting to really find my feet within my role, but as for knowledge on MedTech and diagnostics, I think that’ll take some time to get my head around”

Becky transitioned from sales to marketing during her career, claiming that it was the best thing she’s ever done. She’s brimming with ideas for upcoming communication campaigns and is keen to get the ball rolling.

A passion for what you do

When asked for her top marketing tip, Becky replied:

“If you don’t have the passion, the drive or belief in the product then you shouldn’t be marketing it”

And passion is not something lacked by Becky. On her initial tours around our factories, induction to current projects and introduction to processes used, her excitement and passion for what we do at ITL is unmistakable.

An integrated team

Becky’s slotted in well with our team and there’s already been a lot of knowledge-sharing. She’s looking forward to working closely with the departments and communicating their expertise in the wider world.

She is also looking forward to forging relationships with our media contacts, clients and partners.

Helping ITL celebrate 40 years

Becky has joined at a landmark time for ITL as we start preparation for our 40th anniversary.

When asked about what she’s most looking forward to as the marketing coordinator at ITL, she said:

“The 40th Birthday campaign! I couldn’t think of a better way to kick-start my career with the company.”

She’s keen for the 40th birthday campaign to be as much about looking forward to the next 40-years as it will be about celebrating ITL’s heritage. We look forward to launching the campaign early next year.

Adventurous pastimes

Outside of work you’ll find Becky taking part in some sort of adrenaline-fueled pastime or another - a self confessed thrill-seeker, she’s a keen skydiver and paraglider, alongside other extreme sports.

Becky also loves to travel and learn about different cultures.

Get in touch

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Becky. If you’d like to connect with Becky email her on bl@itl.co.uk or tweet us at @IntTechLtd

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