ITL’s Tom Ackrill Celebrates Promotion

ITL is thrilled to announce the appointment of our new Business Development Manager, Tom Ackrill.

Tom has been part of the ITL family for over five years. Initially employed as a young technical sales representative back in 2011, he rapidly found his feet and before long he was promoted to the position of Business Development Co-Ordinator.

Almost six years on, he’s now managing his very own department and overseeing all business Development activities. The role sees him responsible for overseeing marketing activity and ensuring the continual development of ITL’s new and existing client base.

Commenting on the promotion, he said:

“I’m honoured to have been given this new role within the company and look forward to continuing to help develop the brand in my new role.”

Initially starting his career in Microbiology as an apprentice with Severn Trent Services, Tom studied part-time whilst working in their laboratory, until he graduated from the University of Coventry in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Analytical Science.

With his laboratory background, Tom recognised his potential to sell laboratory products – after all, he could talk to others in the field and could understand their needs and whether products would fit.

Commenting on the MedTech Industry, Tom said:

“I think the knowledge that the projects we are working on are actually making a difference in the world is one of the most exciting things about working in the industry. The technologies we get to work on are cutting edge, and helping to save lives all around the world. That combined with being a contract company means I get to see hundreds of different innovations and technologies every year – it’s a kind of job and indeed the kind of company where two days are never the same, and it never gets boring.”

Reflecting on his goals for the future at ITL, Tom added: “My goal is to grow it even further of course! ITL has a 40 year reputation of being one of the best companies certainly in the UK, if not even globally for medical device development. We cover design, manufacturing, aftersales, consultancy, and that list just keeps on growing. I’d like to see the market have a greater understanding of just how detailed ITL’s service offering is, and start to be seen even more so as a leading company in the field, and of course bring in more projects for the company!”

Get in touch

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about Tom. If you’d like to connect with Tom, email him on or tweet us at @IntTechLtd

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