ITL Invests in New Quins System

With over 35 years PCB manufacturing experience, ITL is one of the few certified companies in the UK that can offer high volume PCB manufacturing within the medical sector. We regularly evaluate our systems to streamline and improve our processes and service to clients, and are pleased to announce our latest investment.

40 years of industry experience

During the past 40 years in medical industry, ITL have manufactured PCBs for a portfolio of leading companies including; Bedfont Scientific, ThermoFisher Scientific and Optos Inc.

After building our reputation by providing design, manufacturing and after-sales services for medical, diagnostic and laboratory instrumentation, we decided to launch a stand alone medical PCB manufacturing service last year. Seeing as we provide not only ‘full service’ solution, but also singular services to our clients, it made sense to offer specialist PCB manufacturing as a service also.

We kicked-off 2017 by investing in Quins – an advanced technology developed for inspecting Through Hole Technology (THT). The new Quins system was installed at the start of the year and allows us to capture, inspect and record high quality images of each individual PCB before it’s dispatched.

Quins Easy checks every component for three things;

  • Correct polarity
  • Correct placement
  • Component is as requested

This thorough inspection is repeated multiple times during the production and inspection process. The Quins software allows an operator to compare several PCBs to the known ‘gold standard’. A gold standard is set when the operator is completely satisfied that everything is 100% correct, this PCB then becomes the master or ‘gold standard’.

High quality images are then captured and stored on the system in date order, allowing ITL to maintain full traceability. Once scanned to the system the images are compared to the gold board. Previously there was no software available for inspecting each PCB. Highly experienced through-hole technicians were required to carry out visual inspections followed by a functionality test.

Despite a severe drop in popularity over the years, THT has proven resilient in the age of Surface Mount Technology (SMT), offering a wide range of advantages. THT is still necessary in specific applications due to its higher resistance to mechanical stress and vibration.

We understand that inspection plays a major role in any manufacturing process, therefore by continually improving and investing in new technology we can continue to ensure quality, reliability and long lasting products.

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