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Vitl Life Science Solutions is the brand name for ITL’s own range of laboratory equipment

In 2006 ITL took a step towards diversifying our core subcontract businesses and began developing our first own-brand product - a variable temperature microplate heat sealer. Since then, Vitl Life Science Solutions has become a brand in it’s own right with products sold through a vast distributor network across the world.

Here’s some insight into the product range, (you can find out more at

Microplate Heat Sealers

The VTS was the first microplate heat sealer to offer user-variable sealing temperatures to allow scientists to select the optimal temperature for their seal and microplate type.

During the time of development ITL was instrumental in the move away from adhesive sealing to heat sealing in labs.

Following the initial success of the VTS, ITL also developed the MicroTS, a smaller, more cost-effective heat sealer for labs that had limited space and budget but still wanted high quality, repeatable sealing.

Both the VTS and MicroTS are now sold worldwide through both distribution and OEM agreements with some of the largest laboratory equipment distributors.

It was around the time that the MicroTS was launched that the Vitl brand came in to existence and shortly after the range was expanded again to include the heat seals themselves.

Microplate Heat Seals

Microplate heat seals are the disposable film and foil seals used with heat sealers. They are made from all manner of materials and have various properties for particular applications.

Vitl significantly improved the usability of their seals by adding a very simple yet effective marking to show which orientation the seal should be used in.

The Co-Mix

The Co-Mix programmable laboratory mixer takes sample control to a whole new level. By looking at what was already on the market and asking users what could be improved, Vitl launched a new generation of mixer which would allow multiple step mixing programs to be created and saved.

The Co-Mix also features an innovative touch screen user interface, beautiful industrial design and a whole host of other features and benefits that make it a game changer in sample preparation.

Ther-Mix, Flexi-Therm and Heated Modules

The most recent additions to the Vitl range are the Ther-Mix heated laboratory mixer, Flexi-Therm dry block heater and Intelligent Heated Modules.

The lessons learned from developing the Co-Mix set in motion a project to provide a complete modern, sleek and accurate mixing and heating product range for today’s laboratories which culminated in the design of the Ther-Mix, Flexi-Therm and Heated Modules.

The Ther-Mix has all of the benefits of the Co-Mix with the addition of heating capabilities thanks to the innovative Heated Module adapters. The Flexi-Therm uses the same Heated Modules without the mixing

mechanism, giving users a cost-effective but highly accurate method of sample heating and dry incubation.

What’s next for Vitl?

The Vitl range is set to keep expanding as the team learns more and more about what laboratory scientists need. Having started life as a small-scale R&D project, the range now has a dedicated team of engineers and salespeople behind it and is already making a substantial contribution to the profitability of the ITL Group.

Find out more about Vitl Life Science Solutions at

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