Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical design is at the core of the product development lifecycle. Our skilled mechanical engineering team provides a framework for bringing all disciplines together throughout concept development, systems design, prototyping, and detailed medical device design for the medical, healthcare, and life sciences industries.

Skills and Experience

  • SolidWorks Composer and SolidWorks Product Data Management (PDM) system
  • Rapid prototyping, including in-house 3D printing
  • Building prototypes for performance testing including, alpha, beta, and pilot prototypes
  • Integrating industrial design to meet both aesthetic and functional requirements
  • Materials selection
  • Casework design using various methods, including injection molding, RIM molding, vacuum casting, rapid machining, etc.


  • Microfluidic cartridge design and prototyping
  • Disposable design including reagent packs, bespoke cuvettes, microplates, microfluidics, smart cartridges, etc.
  • Design of precision linear and rotary movement and transfer systems utilizing DC and stepper motor controllers
  • Fluidics and high precision pipetting, level sensing, gated pressure dispense, positive displacement, and flow cell technology
  • Optical measurement systems using lamps, LEDs, and lasers
  • Thermal control systems architecture and modeling
  • Pneumatics for mechanical automation and fluid dispensing systems
  • Electronics packaging design to meet project and regulatory requirements
  • Design transfer support, including sustaining engineering

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