Electronics Engineering

Our dedicated team of electronics engineers take a holistic approach to design and development, combining superior engineering with meticulous design and function to ensure the best possible design integration for your medical device.

Skills and Experience

  • Embedded hardware, processor, and FPGA controlled circuits using the latest ARM, NXP, and PIC devices in addition to 8- and 16-bit microcontrollers
  • Small, efficient FPGAs to large SoC FPGAs, including Altera (Intel) and Xilinx (AMD)
  • PCB, schematic, and layout design using Altium Designer


  • Multi-layer and Flexi-rigid PCBs
  • Analog circuit design for a wide variety of sensors and actuators to microcontrollers, ADCs and DACs
  • Component selection including high-quality PCB, audio-visual and electro-mechanical components
  • Interface and cable wiring design
  • DC and stepper motor controllers
  • Real-time motion and temperature control
  • Optoelectronics
  • EN 60601, EN 61010, EN 61326, and ISO 14971

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