My Time at ITL Group - Fran

Adventurous and eager learner, Fran Heron from Ashford School joined ITL Group last week for a weeks’ work experience at our facility Kent-based facility.

Fran is currently studying for her A-Levels at Ashford School with her chosen subjects being Geography, Business Studies and Design and Technology with hopes to find a future career in the design field. Following her work experience with us, we have caught up with Fran, here is what she had to say about her experience…

Q: What have you been up to during your time with us?

Over the course of three days I have visited four different areas within ITL. I spent my first day in Production where I was introduced to the team and to the new Europlacer machine. I was then shown around the ESD area and was able to take part in testing many PCB boards, soldering basic components and also the process of manufacturing from start to the finish.

My second day was with the Research and Development department where I learnt about the process of development and design from when a customer arrives at ITL with an idea through to the stage where the product goes onto the market. I was shown many of the products which ITL is in the process of designing and manufacturing, as well as what ITL has manufactured in the past.

My third day began in the Quality Assurance department where I was taught the importance of paper work and quality checking. I was able to test all the Sentimag probes before being shipped to the U.S. where they will be used in hospitals. I spent the second half of the day with Business Development where I was lucky enough to attend a meeting with a client who has proposed a new product they want on the market. This gave me really good insight into the sales side of the company.

Q: What did you learn from your work experience at ITL?

I have loved my whole experience at ITL Group and feel like I have learned so much. In the R&D department I learnt about and how to set up the software which connects to a PCB and I was able to get an LED to light up which I was very impressed with. I have learnt various new terminology which I know will help me in my D&T and Business A-levels.

Q: What has been your favourite part of your work experience?

I’ve honestly enjoyed every part of this work experience. Getting hands on with the manufacturing was really cool, I was mind boggled when I found out how long it takes to produce and to test PCB’s considering how many components go onto a single board! The Research and Development department was very interesting, I loved the variety of things going on there. I also had a lot of fun with Quality Assurance, filling in paperwork and testing many products provided a busy day, time flew by so quickly and I learnt a lot. However, the Business Development department had to be my favourite. I felt very comfortable in this environment, mainly because it was all very familiar having done DT and business GCSE and following to do these at A-level. I attended my first proper meeting which was a project kick-off meeting which was incredibly interesting.

Q: How would you describe our company culture?

From my time at ITL Group, it has become apparent that everyone enjoys working here. The employees I have encountered have been really smiley and talkative, and I know that I would be very happy to work in the amazing place that is ITL.

If you are looking for work experience or a longer-term placement, head to our careers page to see what current opportunities are available.

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