MEDICA 2016 Live Feed

Welcome to ITL’s official live feed from MEDICA - where we’ll share our news, views and highlights from the 2016 show.

As always, we’ll be live tweeting and posting updates on LinkedIn throughout the week, but this year we also wanted a corner where we could share a bit more about the going on at the show.

Whether it’s inspiring conversations at our stand, conference talking points or surprising announcements, find it all here.

Remember, at MEDICA anything can happen…

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Day One


After preparing for MEDICA for a good part of the year, the ITL team is feeling excited that the show is finally here!

Our journey’s been smooth and setting up our stand in the vast hall you can feel the shared anticipation from fellow exhibitors for the week ahead.

We’ve got an extra reason to be optimistic about the show this year, because as well as exhibiting our range of Vitl laboratory equipment and samples of client projects, we’re unveiling our latest innovation - a demonstrator of the future of diagnostic devices. Throughout the week, we’ll be inviting visitors to our stand to demo the device and be in with a chance to win free Kentish beer.

It hasn’t taken long for the hall to start filling up with delegates this morning and we’re thrilled to welcome our first visitors to the stand. So far we’ve caught up with our contact Dr Helen Bennett - who’s no stranger to the Vitl Ther-Mix! We were also happy to see two of our clients, the team from Momentum Bioscience and QuantuMDx. The demonstrator is attracting a lot of attention and becoming a big talking point as visitors learn about its affordances and possible applications.

Great start to a highly-anticipated show!


It’s lunchtime and we’ve had a successful, albeit very busy, first morning at MEDICA. Lots of visitors have come over and tried their luck at our demonstrator – as of yet we’ve had no winners! As well as getting hands on with what’s been dubbed ‘the concept car of diagnostics’ visitors are assigned random identification numbers via NFC tags - those lucky enough to have a winning ID will leave the stand with the delicious Kentish Beer, Old Dairy. It’s been a great way to get people interacting with our innovation and it’s been good to see how intuitive it is to use (our engineers will be thrilled).

After getting some fuel and talking time out to explore some of the impressive tech on show throughout the halls, we’re all set for an afternoon of networking and showcasing our expertise.

We’ve got a number of meetings lined up, with industry contacts and media representatives, which we’re looking forward to.

We’re also staging our happy hour from 5pm-6pm, so come join us for a chat, to get advice and to sample some Kentish Beer.


It’s Happy Hour and we’re welcome friends, old and new, to our stand to celebrate the closing of day one. As we invite visitors to sample some Kentish Beer, courtesy of Old Dairy, we get to swap stories from MEDICA 2016 and reflect on the show so far.

One thing noted by many is the energy and enthusiasm here at MEDICA – everyone seems genuinely excited to be here and judging from the footfall seen today it’s set to be its busiest yet.

As all the excitement of day one comes to a close we’re reflecting on the success of our demonstrator – we’ve had so much interest and curiosity into what it is and that was the whole inspiration for it – to be a conversation starter on what the future holds for the diagnostics industry. Not only has it sparked some fascinating debates, but also so really interesting ideas of how tech could be used – more on that later!

Today’s hot topic has got to be wearables – from products exhibited, to sessions at the conference and conversations at the show, everybody is talking about the potential of wearables for healthcare.

This is probably our last post before the show closes – so we want to wish you all a great evening. And finally raise our glass to say cheers, here’s to day one (it is happy hour after all!) of MEDICA.

Day Two


Can’t believe it’s mid morning on day two already – time flies at MEDICA. This morning we had a bit of time to explore the floor and see what tech and medical products are on show this year, from robotics to advanced health IT, there’s some impressive and groundbreaking tech, as has been showcased in MEDICA’s product show on YouTube.

The calibre of the tech on show is high, as are the exhibition zones. It feels more like a step into the future, rather than a trade show!

Back on the ITL stand it’s been busy – visitors are still intrigued and pulled in by our concept car of diagnostics, and many more have tried their luck at the beer draw – will anyone will today? Time will tell. As well as welcoming new visitors to the stand, we’ve got some meetings scheduled too.

As always, MEDICA’s great for catching up with clients and contacts. This year everyone’s been particularly active on social too, so far there’s been 1,992 tweets featuring the #MEDICA2016 hashtag. We were alerted by Tweet Binder that we’re the second most active tweeter of the show!

Hope everyone at the show continues to have a great morning – we’ll be back with more updates soon.


It’s been an incredibly busy and fun filled day two at MEDICA – so busy in fact we’ve found it difficult to find five minutes to update our live blog!img 0870 1

We’ve seen so many different innovative products on show on the floor – including Andrew, from Andrew Alliance, the novel liquid handling robot designed to enhance the reproducibility and the efficiency of the pipetting process.

With so many interesting events, talks and companies at the fair it was difficult to decide where to start.

We were really pleased to have met everyone who visited our stand to discuss our innovations and what future projects hold. We’ve also had a lot of interest in our Vitl range, which has been great.

It’s been busy at our stand again, with a big rush this afternoon. It was great to see Chris Broom and Philip Last from Locate in Kent, and Imran from Kent BioGateway who came over to say hi - sadly none of them won any beer!

Now we’re looking forward to Happy Hour at 5pm – come along and join us for a Kentish beer and MEDICA chat if you can!

We’ll be back tomorrow for more updates on our live blog

Day Three


How do you celebrate the closing of a successful day two at MEDICA? With a German sausage of course! Last night after a busy happy hour catching up contacts, we headed into the city for some grub - and we weren’t dissapointed. Now sufficiently fuelled and well rested, we’re ready for day three.

Another rainy start, but that’s not dampened our spirits – we’re feeling excited about what the day will hold. The halls are already filling up and we’re feeling optimistic it’s going to be another eventful day.


We’ve just had a visit from Sean Fenske, from celebrated industry publication MPO magazine. It was great to see him at the show and we had a really good chat about what we do at ITL. Sean was particularly interested in talking about outsourcing and how we effectively work with clients.

He was also drawn in by our demonstrator and took time to try it out for himself – it was good to see an influencer and voice of the industry interact with the innovation and consider how the tech could be applied.

We regularly connect with our media contacts and feed updates and news, but shows like MEDICA give us valuable face-to-face time and the opportunity to show what we do and how we do it. Thanks Sean for taking time out to come and see us!

In general, the morning has been busy so far and we’ve had lots of meaningful conversations. Let’s see what the afternoon will bring!


Luck is in the air this afternoon as two visitors are crowned winners of our competition at our stand! To win, visitors simply operate our demonstrator via the associated app, at the end of the demo they press the screen to see if they’re a winner – so far no one had been crowned champion…until now. One of this afternoon’s winners is Mathias Lehne from Diagonal GmbH & Co, who is here looking very happy his with his prize, a case of Old Dairy beer (brewed in our home county)!

Whether they’ve won or not, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback about our concept car of diagnostics - many have commented that it’s a cool and unique way to illustrate capabilities and also a catalyst of inspiration for new medical applications. Generating ideas was at the core of this project so that’s music to our ears!

We’ve heard a lot of delegates applauding the talks today too – a lot of big topics have been covered; from prevention in healthcare and how that relates to digitalization, the importance of protecting your innovation and evaluating wireless technologies, to name but a few. Everyone’s been buzzing about the content of the show so far, and MEDICA’s done a fantastic job of inviting spokespeople from all sides of the industry to offer insight from their specialisms.

After two lively happy hours on the first two days of the show, we’re expecting a busy one again tonight. Looking forward to swapping successful stories of day three at MEDICA!

Day Four


Cant believe it’s the last day at MEDICA already – time has absolutely flown by! We’re pleased to report that we closed the show yesterday with another buzzing happy hour. Our friends from Bedfont dropped by again and enjoyed a Kentish beer or two. Like us, they’ve enjoyed a really valuable show this year – they’ve had a lot of interest in their groundbreaking breath analysis monitors; the ToxCo and NOBreath – lots of people have visited their stand to demo the innovative products and learn more about the advantages of the tech.

Today, as well as a number of pre-arranged meetings, we’re looking forward to connecting with as many visitors as possible – it’s our last opportunity at the show after all. After yesterday’s lucky winners, we’re also hoping to see even more people experience the future of diagnostics via our demonstrator and leave feeling excited about where the industry’s going next…and with a prize case of Old Dairy Brewery beer, of course!

You can definitely tell it’s the last day – our fellow exhibitors mean business and visitors are eagerly doing the rounds of the halls to find the their MedTech solutions. Looking forward to make the most of the last last day - be back soon to share our progress.


That’s your lot!

We had a great time exhibiting at a very successful four days at MEDICA 2016 and can’t believe it’s gone so quickly.

Here are some of our highlights…

It was exciting to show off our range of Vitl laboratory equipment and samples of client projects, but ITL’s MEDICA really got going when we unveiled our latest innovation .- a demonstrator of the future of diagnostic devices - sparking some fantastic debates.

We welcomed friends, old and new, to our stand to have a good old fashioned catch-up on new projects taking place in the sector.

Some of our stand out moments happened as we shared a beer or two with fellow exhibitors, courtesy of Kent brewery, Old Dairy, swapping stories and reflecting on experiences from the show - we even bumped into a few old Kent faces who also made the journey to Germany.

We had a brilliant time at MEDICA 2016 and look forward to seeing you next year!

Final Words

Since the close of the show MEDICA has reported that 127,800 daily visitors attended, from over 140 countries. around 60 percent were international visitors, which presented valuable opportunities from manufacturing to distribution.

Organisers of the show recognised that the biggest talking point this year was digitisation. They also noted a shift between the working relationships of providers and clients; today more than ever these two are working together to create the next big MedTech solutions.

ITL were among the 5,000 exhibitors this year - the largest number to date.

The next MEDICA + COMPAMED in Düsseldorf will take place on 13 - 16 November 2017.

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