Bringing The Future of Diagnostics to MEDICA 2016

ITL is introducing something big, new and innovative at MEDICA this year. Our engineers have been working hard behind the scenes to develop ‘the concept car of diagnostics’ – a world of medical possibilities and applications in one device.

We don’t want to reveal too much here, but instead invite you to visit us at the show this November and experience it for yourself.

Designed to evoke and encourage creativity, the device is amorphous enough not to limit clients’ own ideas.

As well as sparking ideas, it also demonstrates ITL’s understanding of the industry and where it’s going next – and gets our clients to think about this too.

Behind the scenes

The project was the brainchild of ITL’s ambitious mechanical design engineer Sukie Whitehall and experienced electronics engineer Sam Kuske.

Sukie, Sam and the team realised that although ITL were recognised as a proficient contract developer and manufacturer of medical devices, who get things done and do them well, our creative expertise and innovative approach can be underestimated.

This project aims to turn this on its head and position ITL as a pioneer of leading technologies. We advocate the value of putting creativity at the core of your next device.

Sukie Whitehall says:

“This is a really exciting project for us. It’s been designed to break the mould – the idea is that it can invoke some creativity in our clients and people who might want to work with us in the future. This is a demonstrator of where the market is going – and we believe that when visitors interact with it at the show they can’t help but apply their own ideas and think about future applications.”

She added:

“The project also shows that we have a team of very capable industrial designers and engineers at ITL who can make these ground-breaking ideas a reality. This project is not a product in its own right, but instead an illustration of creative ideas, exploration of possibilities and physical embodiment of future technologies in MedTech and IVD’s.”

The Technology:

This concept encompasses many of the innovations that we expect to become standard features in diagnostic devices of the future. Think bluetooth data transfer, near-field communication (NFC), wireless charging and an associated tablet app.

Ultimately we want visitors to think ‘what can I do with these?’, ‘how can I use this technology?’ and ‘how can this help me and my next product?’

Experience The Future:

To experience the future of diagnostics visit us at MEDICA 2016. As well as interacting with our innovation, you can take part in a competition (and be in with a chance to win free Kentish beer!) and, as always, get first-hand advice from our team.

To arrange a meeting with us at the show, book here.

Show details:

Find us: Stand H20, in Hall 3

**Venue: **Düsseldorf, Germany

Date: 14 - 17 November 2016

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