Design House or Full Service - The choice is yours

When it comes to taking your medical device from concept to reality there are several factors to consider when making your decision.

From cost, product design, and product development to supply chain, regulatory support, industry knowledge and, of course, manufacturing.

This graphic illustrates how taking the full-service route with companies like ITL Group, can benefit customers, including having access to all-round support throughout the production process.

With devices rapidly becoming more sophisticated there is an increased demand for companies that offer the complete package. Below we’ve summarised our Top 3 reasons why full-service companies are the way to go.

1. Full service companies often have a global footprint and a robust supply chain with control of the production cycle from concept to manufacture that can help ensure products are produced to budget and on time.

2. Full service companies, like design houses have a stringent compliance process, but the one stop shop approach, removes the hassle of having to find a manufacturer and other support separately.

3. Full service companies provide full knowledge of the whole development life cycle with multi-discipline teams offering an invaluable source of advice – from regulatory aspects to engineering solutions.

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