ITL Host Local Business Leaders

7 March 2022 News

On Friday 18th February 2022, Integrated Technologies Limited had the honour of welcoming Damian Green (MP for Ashford),  Jo James OBE (CEO Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce), and Andrew Osbourne (Economic Development Manager at Ashford Borough Council) to their head office in Ashford.

Pictured Left To Right: Nick Colyer, MP Damian Green, Jo James OBE, Ian McCutcheon, Tristan Lambert, Andrew Osbourne & Tom Ackrill.

They met with Nick Colyer (Managing Director), Ian McCutcheon (Research & Development Director), Tom Ackrill (Business Development Manager) and Tristan Lambert (Production Manager) to discuss the challenges that come with a growing business, and how ITL might best be supported in its development and growth moving forward.

Topics that were discussed during their visit included, car parking for staff and client visitors, as well as workforce retention and how ITL can ensure that our employees continue to work with us by investing in workforce training and development. Other topics discussed were hiring of additional staff, with the hopes to expand our company size in the future including the greater distance that employees are now willing to commute, or work remotely, along with the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic and how, despite everything that has been going on in the world, ITL has managed with the ever-growing demand on services, as well as how the pandemic impacted the supply of electronic components.

Takaya APT-1400F Flying Probe Teste

Nick Colyer (Managing Director at ITL), Jo James OBE (CEO Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce) & Damian Green (MP for Ashford) watching a demonstration of our Takaya APT-1400F Flying Probe Tester.

ITL were pleased that all topics discussed were taken seriously and with a great deal of interest by all attendees. As a company, ITL remains committed to Ashford and its surrounding areas and look forward to increased growth in the coming years.

During a tour of the manufacturing facilities, there was great interest given to ITL’s recent investment in a Takaya APT-1400F Flying Probe Tester instrument, which has the potential to greatly reduce time taken to test sensitive circuits boards, both increasing throughput at this crucial stage, as well as freeing up skilled operators to take on more varied and complex tasks elsewhere in the business.

Nick Colyer, Managing Director, says “After a morning round table event held at the Chamber of Commerce it was a pleasure to welcome MP Damian Green, Jo James OBE and Andrew Osbourne from Ashford Borough Council to ITL to discuss our business and up and coming news in and around Ashford.  Being a growing company based in Ashford, we have parking issues at our current site, and we were able to discuss potential ways forward, as well as being able to discuss the wider issues of global supply chain shortages.”